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Dr. Paul

Hello, welcome, my name is Dr.Pual, am a spiritual healer, herbalist, and medium. I have helped countless people in the past. Most of the problems we face are spiritual in nature and people don’t even realize that. I always do a spiritual reading to tell the source of one’s problem and then proceed from there.

I specialize in love spells, marriage spells, return a lost love, gay spells, money spells. If you are seeking an effective change in any condition, love, existing relationships, getting your true soul-mate, career, and any other personal issues and or stoppages in your life you are in the perfect place. Affect your world. I specialize in love spells and moon magic spells if you are seeking a positive change in any situation, Love, Existing Relationships, Finding your true soul-mate, Career, and any other personal troubles and or stoppages in your life you have come to the right place! So how does spells and moon magic work? 

I can help you solve problems in these areas among other things:

  • Binding and returning lost love
  • Breakup spell
  • Destroy witchcraft, satanism, curses
  • Remove bad luck and negative energy in your path of life
  • Boost male sexual health and fertility in both men and women
  • Destroy diseases and help live longer
  • Boost business, contract, and tenders
  • Protect life, wealth, home, investments, businesses, property, and possessions
  • Get work promotion, money, wealth, and success
  • Get your love back
  • etc



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Needing something a bit more extra?

I have been around casting love spells for the majority of my life. The same way that doctors and medical specialists do studies to stop and end diseases, I have done research and studies for years on Snake Venom Spells. Snake venom spells have a higher success rate of seeing results. So If you are finding yourself running into the issue of finding yourself going to spell caster, paying money, and NOT seeing results, Your problems will come to an end! 

Higher Success Rate – Long Lasting